Yvette M. Buigues was born in Los Angeles, California, into a family of Spanish artists. Her father, Hector Buigues, was the most influential and inspirational force in Buigues’ artistic upbringing. Born in Valencia, Spain and moved to Buenos Aires, as a young child, he is an internationally respected sculptor and designer.Yvette’s grandfather, Pascual Buigues created monumental art for cities such as Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and Valencia.

Buenos Aires is where Yvette received formal instruction in fine art illustration. Under the tutelage of Adrian Dorado, a contemporary constructivist painter, and Nicolas Bufidis, a master fresco artist and director of the Buenos Aires School of Fine Arts, she worked in graphite and colored pencil, focusing her efforts on technique and realism.

An exhibiting artist for the past seventeen years, Y. M. Buigues’ work has shown across the U.S. Since 2004, She’s been showing her paintings in solo and group Bay Area shows:

Di Bartelo 2004
Hollis Complex 2005
Emeryville Celebration of the Arts 2005